The Retirement MOT

A personalised 'health check' for your financial plan

Retirement is a financial challenge. Indeed, it's likely to be the biggest financial expense of our lives. Yet, when considering our priorities, it is never a subject we put first. 


But that also means it is one of our greatest worries. Will we be able to afford it? Are we saving enough? And anyway, what are we expected to do about it if we're not...


To be honest, these questions are all a bit daunting . So we put off asking them. Hope that something will come up. And worry. Which eventually builds into stress.

The Retirement MOT helps you face up to what you have. It tells you where you've got to, what your savings actually mean for the future. Suggests ways to improve any issues. And provides an Action Plan that will kick you in the direction of better.

Because when your money makes sense, you can relax and start looking forward to tomorrow. Then get back to living life today.

If you would like to:

  • Understand what you have
  • ​​Find out what that means for the future
  • Analyse where the strengths - and any weaknesses - lie
  • Discover how to improve your prospects
  • Figure out what you need to do next, once and for all

The Retirement MOT is for you

Whether you are relatively new to saving or are fast approaching the day you want to retire, the Retirement MOT will give you the clarity and confidence you need to fine tune things - and start to make the most of what you have.

How it Works


We start by asking about your situation and the goals you have for your future


We get together online to explain the findings, discuss any issues and answer all your questions 


We investigate the plans you have, their worth and if the terms they offer are fair value


We deliver your Report and Action Plan, noting all the steps that will help maximise your potential


We run some cash-flow forecasts, plug in all the data we've found and finalise your personal report 


We leave you to absorb and get started, then follow up to see how you've got on

The Retirement MOT is not regulated financial advice. We do not want to take control of what you have, we just want to show you what it means. Help you understand how far you've got. And outline your options to help you get to where you want to be.

We don't do jargon, or confusion. We have no products to sell. And there is no tie in. Just an impartial assessment. And an action plan to get you on the road to better.

Features of your MOT:

Retirement income projections 

Cost & efficiency audit

Early/late retirement Impact assessment

Overall Plan 'Fitness rating'

Action plan and directional roadmap

The benefits you will get:

Clarity over what you have

Understanding of what options that gives you

Insight into what you can do about it

Confidence to take the next step

Freedom to get on and do it

"I can’t tell you how happy I am with everything you have done.  I would never have got through this without you."

Valerie, Berks

"You have been

fantastic, and I really appreciate your support [...]

I'm very glad I

chose you..."

Andy, Devon

"Thank you for getting me interested in pensions. You've given me my Sundays back"

Andrew, Worcs

Hi, I'm Lesley James. Great to meet you (virtually).


My partner Mark and I set up Simplified Money to help you first understand and then start to take control of your finances. Because we all deserve a future we are going to love - but not everyone feels confident enough to know where they are or what to do about it.

The financial services sector likes to make things complicated. Adds middle men almost for the sake of it sometimes. But thankfully, when it comes to getting retirement organised, it's the simple things that will make the biggest difference.

By stripping the subject back to the core essentials, then, we help you get a grip of things. So you can stop worrying about tomorrow. And get on with living today.

Get Your Money on the Right Road

If you'd like to discuss the Simplified Money Retirement MOT, and find out how it might help you get on track to your future, book in for a 15 minute, no-obligation chat.

We look forward to speaking to you.

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*Please note: Simplified Money supports individuals holding up to £250,000 (couples up to £400,000) in pensions, savings and investments.
Our prices include VAT where payable.

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