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  • Lesley James

“The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago.The second best day is today”

(Our favourite) Chinese Proverb

A tree takes a great deal of time to reveal itself. A sapling looks weak, gets blown about and finds it hard to keep its place in the ground.

But time passes quickly. Seasons merge, years pass. Suddenly there’s a trunk, and branches, a crown. And roots so deep even the greatest storm can’t destroy it. Not completely.

And so it is for ourselves. We start out slowly, and the future seems vast. But now we look back and school is another life. If only we had known then what we do now. If only we had acted. Saved a bit more. Imagine how much those small gestures would be worth now, as the big birthdays pass us by.

However. That doesn’t mean you’re too late. You can still plant a tree that will mean something. It is never too late. There’s always time left to do well. But you have to stop letting the days pass. You have to act. Or another 20 years will go too. And still no tree.

So go on. Start saving. Do it today.

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