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  • Lesley James

The Importance of Purpose

Without knowing where you are heading, how can you measure your progress?

Question for you. What's important to you? What is it about life that you love doing? That you really want to achieve?

Now, be honest, how often do you think about actually doing it?

If there is one thing about our lives, it's that we don't focus on what we really want. We go about life allowing things to happen to us. We enjoy a bit of this and a bit of that. We treat ourselves when we feel flush or deserving.

But the things we dream about? The trip around the world? The business idea? The degree course in Art History or International Politics?


Now I have tried to organise a bucket list before. On a wet Sunday, in the middle of November, I started writing a list. That list had 15 different countries on it before I’d even passed the 3 minute mark. Before I’d even started on business ideas, and study…

And what do you think happened? Funnily enough, five years later, I’d made absolutely zero progress towards anything… I no longer even had the list.

I decided it was time to focus.

Choices choices

The problem is there is just so much we ‘could’ do. Buy things, visit places, learn stuff, launch our own But in truth? Most of the options are just there to distract us. They don’t mean anything.

The problem, however, is they keep us from identifying what really matters.

In contrast, when you finally work out what you really want, what is really important to you, your whole perspective changes. You start thinking about it, feeling it, getting involved in it. Making decisions that support it.

And you actually start to make progress.

The reason is that focus. But not just the focus that comes with having only on thing to worry about. No, this is far stronger. This is a focus driven by realising every else is not worth your time.

Finding your purpose transforms the way you feel about your goals. And, as a result, changes the way you make decisions today. Because you want to be one step closer. And you find ways to make it happen.

Which breeds confidence. And peace of mind. And perhaps even just a little bit of warm smugness.

Finding your purpose

How can you get your own smug?

Well, I’m happy to report, it's pretty easy. Not slap bang done in 5 minutes easy. But simple - and definitely enjoyable. After all, spending thinking about all the things you’d like to do in life? Refining that into a list of wonderful experiences that motivate you beyond anything you've done before?

I'm finding it hard to work out what’s not to like.

If you want to kick start the process of finding your own purpose though, we’ve simplified things. Well, we would wouldn’t we..?!

We’ve put together a framework - and exercise sheet - that is designed specifically to help you get your mind working. Help you organise your thoughts and start focusing on what matters to you.

We call it our Purpose framework. Which really is a highfalutin name for a thinking aid. But it will get you moving in the right direction. You might surprise yourself in fact.

So, if you’d like a dose of that good old, warm smugness, get your copy here >

Our purpose

For the record, in case you were wondering, yes Simplified Money does have a purpose... Three actually:

  • to make the process by which you are able to build wealth simpler

  • to make the advice and support you need more accessible and

  • to offer that support and advice at a price you can afford

Because it's your future. And you deserve every chance to make it one you'll love.

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