Mastering Money



If you want to learn how to manage your own money

(but need a little help to get going)

The Mastering Money Masterclass teaches you the details of the review process we use with clients every day.


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What you'll learn

  • Why you should care about financial freedom

  • How to manage a budget for both tomorrow AND today 

  • Where to find (more) spare cash when you have none

  • Why you need a foundation you can rely on

  • How to spot the investment facts - and the investment fiction 

  • Where your plan can be hijacked - and how to prevent it

  • Where to focus your efforts, so money doesn't take over your life


Get involved wherever you are

On Demand

Don't miss out when life gets in the way


Q&A sessions and personal consultations


Chat and swap ideas with like-minded people

Nine Steps to Freedom

Budget Mastery

We all spend money unconsciously. Our five step Mastery can help you get your spending under control - and discover more money to save.

Where does it all go?

Financial Buttressing

Loved ones, things, money itself. Our Financial Buttressing session will help you decide what's most important... 

Some things need to be protected

The Passage Plan

No skipper sets out on a journey without laying down a route map. This is where we start to plot yours... 

Getting from A to B

A Strong Core

If you want to build something worth having, first you need a solid foundation. So it doesn't fall over...

Portfolio construction pt1

Seeking opportunity

Having laid the groundwork, you can look out for tactical opportunities and refinements that might enhance things...

Portfolio construction pt2

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Surviving the Storms

Nothing ever goes to plan. Now's the time to learn when to react or, more importantly, when to just stick with the programme...

There's always something

Conquering the peak

As you close in on your target date, there are ways to make sure you capitalise on your work - and don't risk it all...

Getting within sight

Relishing the freedom

The date arrives, you're money is organised, you know what to expect. It's time to start enjoying the rewards...

Time to relax & enjoy

Your legacy

If you've got an eye on leaving something behind, there are ways to save your loved ones time - and money...

Passing things on

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How it works

  • A series of weekly exercises

  • 9 educational webinars (live with Q&A, then on-demand)

  • Regular motivational tips

  • A dedicated toolkit and course workbook

  • Self-assessment tests

  • Membership of our Facebook support group

  • In-group Q&A sessions

  • Optional 1-1 expert consultations & coaching sessions

Option 1

DIY Study Programme

Weekly webinars

In session FAQs

Weekly tasks

Dedicated toolkit & course workbook

Tips & updates

Group support & guidance sessions


Option 3

VIP Programme

Weekly webinars

In session FAQs

Weekly tasks

Dedicated toolkit & course workbook

Tips & updates

Self assessments

Group support & guidance sessions




£100 offRetirement MOT 

(when bought together)

All inclusive price:


Option 2

Tailored Programme

Weekly webinars

In session FAQs

Weekly tasks

Dedicated toolkit & course workbook

Self assessments

Personalised 'Nudges'

Group support & guidance sessions

3 x Asset Half-Hours (1-1)
to answer your personal questions

All inclusive price:


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Limited spaces

The Tailored and VIP versions of this course offer one-to-one, personalised support.


Spaces on these versions are therefore limited to ensure a healthy balance between providing support to the wider group and allowing us to focus on the additional attention these plans provide.


If you are interested in either programme, therefore, please sign up for priority booking. You'll not only get the chance to benefit from any early-bird discounts.



If you have any questions about the course, please do not hesitate to send us an email or book a call.


We'd be very happy to help.

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