The Income Focus

Preparing for that long-awaited freedom

As retirement - or other change of lifestyle - comes into range, it can be an exciting time.

But it can also be a worry. The vast range of investments. The choices for your pension funds. The process of turning wealth into income so that it suits your goals.

Our Income Focus is designed to make the transition much simpler.

How it works

The Income Focus offers financial advice. For those who have built up their wealth and are getting prepared to enjoy some freedom. Specifically, it:

  • looks at what you have and what your goals are

  • maps out your range of possibilities 


  • considers how to maximise your income without risking it

  • aligns your money with your plan

  • delivers a set of actions to guide your next steps

The result is an efficient, low cost, risk appropriate plan for your money. Personal to your situation. That secures what you've built over a lifetime. And helps you into the retirement you richly deserve.

What to expect

  • You provide details of your situation and any retirement plans

  • We analyse what you have and consider what else is out there

  • Recommend how to secure the wealth you've built up

  • Research and outline your options for income 

  • Manage the realignment of your investments

  • And offer tips on how to maximise any last minute opportunities


We meet (online) at least three times - to talk about your aspirations, discuss recommendations, answer any and all of your questions - and to maintain communication as we manage the realignment of your plans.

And we'll be on hand should any issues arise.

All inclusive fee: £ 829 *

Get organised

Getting help to align your wealth with your needs is simple. And it begins with a no obligation, strategy call. So we can find out more about each other. And give you the chance to ask questions.

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*Please note: The Fulfilment Plan is designed for individuals who have completed the Value Dive, are within 5 years of retirement and have up to £350,000 in pensions, savings and investments. Please book a no obligation call to discuss your situation in more detail.

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