Cancellation Policy

You are free to terminate this contract at any time and you do not need to give us a reason for that cancellation if you don’t want to. However, in that event, you will be liable for a proportion of the above fee on the following scale, in recognition of set-up and analysis work that will have been completed:


  • Following contract signature:                                                   25%

  • Following completion of financial questionnaire:                 75%

  • On completion of online consultation:                                 100%


These charges will NOT apply if the reason for termination is that we consider your situation to be beyond what our services are designed to support and decide it is better we refer you to a regulated financial adviser. 


Should you wish to cancel, a request should be submitted by email in the first instance, to, quoting your name, the original date of contract signature and your reason for cancellation, if you are happy to disclose it.


None of the details above affect your statutory rights nor do they impact on your ability to make a complaint about us now or at any time in the future. 

Complaints Policy

We always look to deal with you with the utmost integrity and transparency and regret any expression of dissatisfaction about the services or the support provided to you by our business. However, we do accept that those services may not always meet your expectations.


Acknowledging a complaint


We will always look to answer any expression of dissatisfaction, whether that is made in writing or simply expressed verbally to one of our staff. And as soon as we are aware of that complaint, we will confirm receipt

Electronically, to your preferred email address as noted on our records. Or where we encounter issues with that email, then in writing to your home address.


This confirmation will sent out be made no later than 5 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint – and if a resolution is not possible immediately, will include the contact details of the individual who will now be in charge of handling the ongoing investigation.


Keeping you informed


We will commit to keeping you fully informed about the progress of any investigation. We seek to do this using all forms of communication – including email, telephone and in writing – on an ongoing basis. And you may request additional updates at any time.


If a final resolution has not been reached in advance, you will receive updates on progress after two weeks and then again after four weeks. If, for any reason, we cannot find a resolution at the four week stage, we will indicate to you the reasons for that delay and any alternative actions you might take.


Final decision


As soon as we have completed our investigation we write to you with details of the investigation, set out our findings and offer an explanation of why we have reached our decision.


Where we are found to be at fault, we will outline the how we propose to offer redress. If we consider that we are not at fault, however, we will include a full explanation of our reasons.



At Simplified Money, we recognise that any complaint is usually the result of a stressful or frustrating encounter and that the complaint process itself can sometimes magnify those feelings. We do, therefore, seek to secure a settlement quickly, fairly and with proper consideration of both parties involved.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


 01628 861830

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