Where is your money?

Introducing Stephen


A Simplified Money Case Study

The Problem

  • You know you've got a pension.

  • You know its worth something. 

  • But you don't know where it is. And have no idea where to start looking...


The Background


Believe it or not, quite a lot of people lose track of old policies. In fact, one provider has just spent £2 million tracking down over 36,000 customers* they (or rather, their legacy businesses) had lost track of. And those policies were worth a total of around £14.5million.


The problem is, over the past decade or two, there has been a lot of consolidation in the pension industry - in financial services as a whole, in fact. Indeed, some plans have been through the hands of a whole series of different providers, as small provider is swallowed up by medium provider, which is then swallowed up by a larger one and a larger one...


And in the meantime, many thousands of us have moved house.

Meet Stephen

  • Stephen's pension was with a provider that no longer existed 

  • He'd moved house. And job. And forgotten to tell anyone what was going on.

  • None his statements, updates or newsletters ever arrived.

  • Question was, where was it now?

Despite all the above, in Stephen's case, the situation was actually quite straightforward. We knew his old provider We knew who'd bought them. And not because we've been around forever and remember all this stuff (though that's probably also true). It was just because we quickly understood where to look. 


Turns out it was swallowed up in 2006. What we had to do was get a letter to them proving his ownership. Within a couple of weeks he was reunited with his money.

Even better news for Stephen, once we found out where it was, we also realised he was paying about three times more in fees than he needed to - and his return (partly because of those charges) had been pretty awful. So he moved the money on. 

He is now the owner of an up-to-the-minute, low-cost, flexible pension plan, with a provider of notable reputation. And (for the record) he's no longer stressed about it all. He's back to getting on with his life.

What it means for you


Tracking down older pension funds is important for lots of reasons. But most importantly:

  • It's your money!

  • If you don't know where it is, you don't know what charges you're paying.


Not all old products are 'bad'. And some providers have modernised their older plans anyway. But, until you know exactly what's going on, how can you be sure?

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