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When it comes to personal finance, confusion reigns.

Jargon. Complication. Lots of paperwork. But not much sense.

But we all have to do something. There's no getting away from it. If we want a great future, we have to get organised.

Simplified Money was set up because we wanted help people take some control. Understand what their options were. Have confidence to take the next step.

So that's what we offer. Guidance and support to help you understand your money.

And make the most of the opportunities it brings.


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Questions you should probably ask

(so we answered them anyway)

Guidance? Advice? What's the difference?!!

It may sound like semantics but the legal definitions - and the level of protection you can expect afterwards - differ significantly.

Ironically, this is probably be one of the most confusing aspects of personal finance: the difference between 'Guidance' and 'Advice'. But there is a difference - and it is significant. 

'Guidance' is impartial. So we can help you to understand your options, possibly narrow down your choices. We can even give factual information and informed opinion about the pros and cons of those different options. However, we cannot 'recommend' which of your options is the most suitable. nor suggest precisely which product is specifically best for you.


After we have given you Guidance, it's up to you to decide how to act.

When providing you with guidance, we are responsible for making sure the information we provide is accurate. But we are not liable for any decision you make as a result. You are NOT protected by law if you get that decision wrong.

Which is why we may sometimes suggest you take 'Financial Advice'. This will offer you a detailed analysis on the merits of different options, and will result in a personal recommendation to buy a specific product and/or invest in a specific fund.

Our experts hold the same minimum level of qualification as Financial Advisers, but that is our choice. To give regulated advice, qualifications are a must. An adviser is then both responsible AND liable for making sure the advice is suitable. And you are protected by law - and can be compensated - if they get it wrong.


What type of people do you help?

We've had the privilege of dealing with some lovely people. All of whom just wanted to be sure they were doing the right thing.

You are probably someone who is quite new to the subject of personal finance. You find it interesting, you want to do the right thing and you want to learn what your options are. 

You've read the newspapers. Tested the wisdom of Google. Listened to some podcasts perhaps. Even read the odd book. And you're enjoying it. But, despite all the great information you've found, you can't quite work out what it all means.

What you'd like is someone to talk to. Someone who can help explain what everything means. Or who can take you through the subject in an educational but structured way.

So that's what we do. Through classes, courses, talks in the workplace and even one-to-one, we we explain the subject of money, so that you can really start to understand.

Do you make money introducing clients to others?

We base our decision to refer you to third parties on the quality of their service, not how much they might pay us for an introduction 

Simplified Money is here to help our clients get the best outcome possible for their situation. We have therefore decided not to seek introductory or affiliation fees. Not from any links to 'best in class' products we may occasionally mention. Nor from people to whom we might refer you when you need additional support.

In our internet age of affiliate advertising and 'influencers', that might sound a little mad. But we don't want you to think we will ever prioritise extra income over your wellbeing. Which will hopefully then give you the confidence that what we might suggest for you is truly in your best interests to consider.

Q: What qualifications and experience do you have?

This is not regulated financial advice. But we do insist on the same levels of experience and qualifications.

Director, Lesley, gained her Diploma in Financial Advice from the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF). She also holds two level 6 qualifications, including the LIBF specialist Pension Transfer qualification.

Lesley has worked in financial services either with, or alongside financial advisers and their clients for virtually her entire career. And covered almost every area of personal finance, investment and pensions. (the LinkedIn icon at the top will take you to more of the details.) Alongside her educational work, she continues to work as Consultant to various advice and supply businesses within the personal finance sector, maintaining a wide view of the sector and everything that might impact on you.

Co-Director, Mark, has many years' operational and management experience, built during his time in charge of a (large) consultancy business. An expert in planning projects, managing teams and balancing budgets, he takes care of the operational & business end. 

Our Process


A Simple Four-Step Strategy


We work out what you're worth, what you need to have 'enough' - and run some scenarios to see what might happen, if...


We examine your existing plans closely, and will call out unnecessary complication or ridiculous fees


We take you through our findings, show you what's possible and benchmark your position so you can  watch it progress 


Your action plan gives you the next steps to get you moving . And (if you need major repairs) referral to an expert who can help you take that on

"The best time to plant your tree was 20 years ago.

But the second best time is now..."

Chinese proverb

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